Thursday, January 01, 2009

The House (North Beach SF)

A seabass that is (en)dangerously delicious.

I was skeptical when I first about The House, an Asian fusion restaurant restaurant located in the Little Italy area of San Francisco.   But I was appeased by its unusually high, 4.5 star rating on Yelp, our modern day, democratic voice against those f@#$%$! restaurants with even so much as less than flattering lighting.   

From left to right: view of SF in North Beach, fried calamari, grilled sea bass, ribeye over garlic mashed potatoes

I threw that picture of SF in just to show you the heights that we climbed for a good meal.  Impressed?  Naturally.  But I digress.  The fried calamari appetizer was actually not very memorable.  I mean, we ate all of it, sure, but it could have been crispier and coated in more savory batter.  I had a bite of my friend's ribeye, and it was juicy and well-seasoned.  The mashed potatoes were also tasty, as well as artfully presented.  I ordered the grilled sea bass, which was (as the title has already given away) mah-velous (or "marvelous," for you, non-blue blood philistines).  It was cooked just enough so that you could taste the smoky, grilled flavor on the outside of the fish, while the middle featured flesh so fatty and tender that it melted in your mouth.   Mmm.  Too bad the Chilean sea bass is endangered.  That's why I will make a personal pledge to eat less Chilean sea bass.  But only if the Chilean see bass promises to be less delicious.   

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Kathy said...

haha, you are so cute. tell him, sea bass!