Monday, December 29, 2008

Chikalicious (NYC)

Dessert is all you want and all you shall have.

Chikalicious serves only dessert*, which seems so simple but yet is completely ingenius.   *I think they also serve sandwiches and other junk but I like to block that fact out as to preserve my respect for the purity of this establishment.

The restaurant is very petite and consists of a small bar area, the center of which contains the chefs, and a small row of seating.   You can either order a la carte or choose their 3 course prix-fixe menu.  The $12 prix-fixe consists of a small amuse bouche, an "entree", and a small dessert.  Keep in mind that all 3 "courses" are just desserts of varying sizes.   Your only choice in the prix-fixe is the entree, so each member of our party ordered something different.   

From left to right: (I've forgotten the actual, fancy names of the dishes so I will just make names up based on what I vaguely remember and what they look like from the pictures): amuse bouche of lemon sorbet in pool of lemony milk, chocolate and coconut sorbet with cubes of gelatin, mango sorbet with creme fraiche, corn ice cream in cherry sauce with slice of lemon cake, a "dance of fruits" or something

Each dish was very refreshing in both appearance and taste.  We all laughed at the "dance of fruits" name but when it was brought out, the plate was actually so beautiful that we were all jealous for not ordering it in the first place.  

The desserts were incredibly creative and the flavors were all complementary to one another.   You should definitely try Chikalicious if you're ever in New York City.  It will at least satisfy your curosity, if not your hunger.