Sunday, December 28, 2008

Foreign Cinema (Mission SF)

I love me a good french toast and some well-lighted spaces.

What struck me the most about Foreign Cinema was the arrangement of the restaurant.  Half the seating is outside and the other half is indoors.  The remarkable thing was that even the indoor seats received a healthy amount of natural light, which made the restaurant just a nice place to sit at (with the vines crawling up the brick walls and the little fireplace that probably does not light). 

But of course, no one goes to a restaurant to just sit (and no restaurant will let you sit for free either) so let's get down to what really matters, le food.  I was there for brunch a few months ago and was very impressed with the menu.  The dishes were as seasonal as brunch items can be (different lettuce for different seasons?) and tasted as lovely as they looked.

From left to right: baguette french toast with figs, baguette french toast with strawberries, fried egg with balsamic vinegar on salad and eggs benedict on radicchio (?)

I ordered the french toast with strawberries and they were supremely good.  I was a little wary of the baguette bread, honestly, because I was afraid that the holes in the bread would mean less french toast (I am a fatty, what did you expect?).  But my fears were allayed when I discovered that the bread holes were filled with rich, custardy batter.  The dish was definitely a bit heavenly.  Wait, I meant heavy.  Actually, I mean both those things.  Conclusion: french toast at Foreign Cinema is very enjoyable, especially on a nice sunny day.

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