Saturday, January 27, 2007

Restaurant Review: Beacon

A combination of my food blog browsing and a mention by Ravi led me to become interested in Beacon, a "pan-Asian" restaurant in downtown Culver City. (Might I add how many good food places there are in Culver City!)

Even before stepping into the restaurant, I was won over by the free parking spot I found right in front of the store. I know parking has nothing to do with eating but free AND available parking spots are just so rare in these areas that I had give someone credit for it. Anyway, we were seated outside in the back patio (which we can do in LA during this dead of winter season). The menu featured an array of Asian cuisine. Since it was during the lunch hour, there was a good selection of wraps and noodles. Small dishes like edamame and rolls were available for both lunch and dinner.

Here is what we ordered:

From left to right: Beacon roll (cucumber slices wrapped around smoked salmon, crab and avocado), miso cod, bento box (which containted the cod as well as chicken and tuna), seafood curry and avocado salad.

The avocado salad consisted of an entired avocado sliced and placed in a bed of Japanese herbs. The dressing was made with a soy sauce base, which gave a clear reminder of the restaurant's Asian influences. All in all, it was a pretty refreshing salad. I had to order the Beacon roll for at least asthetic purposes but it proved itself in taste as well. The bento box was a pretty good deal. For $15, it featured 3 kinds of meat (cod, chicken and tuna) prepared in 3 different ways! Albeit, the portions were pretty tiny but the variety made up for the lack of bulk. The curry was tasty too thanks to the fresh seafood ingredients (crab, shrimp, mussel (?) and swordfish).

Beacon is a lovely cafe, in short. Sure the food is "fusion" (fusion (n.): ethnic food made for people of other ethnicities) but the fare is well prepared and worth a try!

Price: $ 11 (average lunch entree)

Rating: 9/10 (delicious)

3280 Helms Ave
Los Angeles, California

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