Sunday, December 28, 2008

2223 Market (Castro SF)

$12 Tuesdays are Fantastic.  

Especially if you have no school and work and can pretty much schedule your time around meal deals in the middle of the week.  Or, in my case, have too much time in between finals and need to eat something else besides canned soup. Even if it's premium Campbell's.  

2223 Market features hearty American cuisine, done up with nice organic ingredients as to not offend San Franciscan sensibilities.  I'd gone to 2223 Market for brunch a couple times before but never for Tuesday dinners.  I'm happy to report that the $12 dinner specials on Tuesday are actually a tasty and good value.  

From left to right: spicy pulled pork on top of a papusa ($12), mussels and clams on a bed of polenta ($12), vegetable rissotto ($12), brownie with a scoop of peppermint ice cream ($9).

All the entrees were delicious (especially considering the price), although the dessert did seem expensive in comparison.  But you can't always win (because you must always order dessert).  So all in all, I would definitely go back, awkward finals schedule, or not.