Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Aloe (NYC)

A relative bargain in the East Village.

I found Aloe on Yelp, where it appeared to be a little known but well liked restaurant in its neighborhood.  The prices were also reasonable, with entrees hovering around $20.  The building of the restaurant looked no different than the residential houses that it was sandwiched between.  It's quaint exterior added to Aloe's "well kept secret" appeal.

From left to right: fried calamari appetizer, vegetable pasta, duck confit salad, goosefish (?) on orzo salad, duck breast on waffle

I had the goosefish (actually, it was something other than goosefish but the name was equally hilarious) entree.  The upshot of the dish was the preparation of the fish: seared lightly on one side and fully cooked throughout, but not overdone.  I'd never had goosefish before and I found the texture, which was rough and chicken-like, to be kind of odd.  I was trying to be adventurous but truthfully, I doubt I will order goosefish again.  The downside of the dish was the orzo, which was cold (intentionally) and mixed with pickled vegetables.  I didn't like the orzo salad very much because it just tasted tangy and cold and its pairing with the warm fish seemed strange.  

I really did like the fried calamari, which was sweet, sour and crispy all at once.  There was even a touch of heat from the red pepper.  My friend also said that the duck breast with waffle was very good so I would recommend that dish and the calamari for future visitors.  And not so much the goosefish.


Kathy said...

third entry in a row where you got a calamari appetizer!

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