Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Range (Mission SF)

What do I expect from one Michelin star?  EVERYTHING.

Perhaps that I explained my inevitable dissappointment.  I'd had been wanting to visit Range for a long time, after hearing that it had received a Michelin star but still had entrees priced at around $20. 

From left to right: pureed cauliflower soup, goat cheese ravioli, skate wing, braised beef cheeks, vegetable soup with white beans, chocolate crepe with grapefruit and a scoop of red pepper ice cream

I asked the waitress why the restaurant was named "Range" and she responded that it was because there was a range theme throughout every part of the restaurant; the kitchen had a range of stations, there was a range of seating arrangements...etc.  Mind blowing, right?

Anyway, on to the food: I ordered the skate because it sounded like an unusual kind of fish.  As it turns out, the skate looks like a stingray.  The skate wing had an interesting texture: something between that of a white fish and chicken, and stringy in nature.  My skate was pretty good, although a bit too salty.  

For dessert, we shared the chocolate crepes.  The grapefruit, crepes and ice cream were all independently delicious but really had no business sharing the same plate.  In summary, besides using fresh and high quality ingredients, the food at Range did not seem particularly special.  Maybe we went on an off day?  Maybe we ordered the wrong things?  But mostly I blame the Michelin-ness for distorting my impression of a perfectly fine restaurant, just because it wasn't the best I ever had.


Melly said...

..That's a lame explanation for the name. I mean, c'mon.

I am very happy to see that you have started updating this again! :) < claps in delight >

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