Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Butterfly (Embarcadero SF)

A fabulous Dine About Town lunch deal.

I came to Butterfly last January during Dine About Town in San Francisco.  Dine About Town is a glorious time when various restaurants feature $22 prix-fixe lunch and $35 prix-fixe dinner menus.  You're not really saving all that much money but let's just pretend that we are.  The best part about selecting a prix-fixe menu is committing to overeating: who can deny dessert after a full meal when you're already paying for it?  

From left to right: calamari appetizer, red snapper with tumeric and basil, lettuce and vermicelli noodles, chocolate lava cake and coffee ice cream

Butterfly is a Vietnamese fusion restaurant.  While I'm not usually crazy about Asian "fusion" cuisine, I thoroughly enjoyed this meal.  Firstly, my calamari appetizer was huge, which was already a plus in my book.  Not only was the calamari overflowing from the boat shaped dishware, it was actually very tasty and extremely filling.  Nevertheless, I pressed on with the next course.  For entree, I selected the red snapper with tumeric.  The fish and vermicelli noodles were to be wrapped in lettuce and then dipped in sauce.  The combination of tumeric and basil flavored the snapper very nicely.  Overall, this main course scored well in taste, texture and portion size.   Lastly, I chose the chocolate cake dessert.  I am a sucker for chocolate desserts and will, without fail, find the chocolate option in every dessert menu and inevitably select that one.  If I am sharing a dessert with other people, then I usually put on an air of disinterest at the selection, as if I am easy going and just coo' with whatevs.  But as soon as anyone shows even a modicum of interest towards the "chocolate ______", then I immediately second that choice and reveal my true self from my thinly veiled charade.  So basically, I like the chocolate.  And I liked this chocolate cake too, especially because I had it all to myself.  Together with the coffee ice cream, it was more than enough food, which is just how I like it.


Kathy said...

maybe we should eat some chocolate dessert tonight.

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